The internet is a beautiful place to waste time. A recent social media trend asked users to create their own headstone message by only using their last text message. Obviously, this would seem like an embarrassing thing to do but people on the internet don't know the meaning of that word.

This original twitter experiment inspired me to ask our audience to share their last text message with us, in order to win a gift certificate to Adventure Zone. It's the least I can do after asking them to share their personal text messages for my amusement.

Of course, our audience delivered some weird, funny and crazy messages. A whole other trend can come from just trying to figure out the text message that happened either before or after these. I just think that might be getting a little too personal, but maybe we can convince more people with another gift card giveaway. I feel gift cards are just the solution to everything. Here are a few of the many funny comments from our audience. Thank you to everyone who participated and who knows, you might end up using one of these as your real tombstone message.

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