Say what you want about El Paso being too this or not enough that, one thing you cannot disparage are the amazing sunsets.

You have to admit, we are treated to some of the most spectacular sundowns on the daily anywhere. Watching the evening sky change color as the sun begins to set into the desert horizon is a year round thing of beauty around here.

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But some days the transformation is more stunning than others. This past weekend was one of those times.

Cotton candy pink, brilliant blue, and vibrant golden yellow hues washed the West Texas landscape in spectacular colors at the end of each day.

Its breathtaking beauty was chronicled by the Instagram account FitFam El Paso in a stunning video compilation that showcased some of the more glorious sunsets El Pasoans captured on their smart phones.

Marcos Rey
Marcos Rey

Set to the song “Booster Seat” by the Australian band Spacey Jane, the clip (posted below) highlights the yellow-tinged skies that seemed to dominate the weekend, making it appear the heavens were briefly on fire before giving away to darkness.

Whether it’s the sun majestically rising over the Franklins or slowly setting behind the desert, El Paso has some of the most amazing and spectacular sunsets and sunrises anywhere.

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