While every proposal is special in its own way, rarely do they incorporate the couple’s unique bond. I’ve often wondered why more of those elaborate proposals that go viral don’t put the spotlight on their shared interests.

That's why I find this proposal video sweeter than most.

El Pasoan Erick Carrillo, who like his wifie-to-be is all into the lowrider lifestyle, used his ’63 Impala to take proposing to new heights (sorry, had to do it).

The video, which was originally posted on Erick’s social media accounts and then re-posted on various sites including Lowrider magazine’s Instagram, shows Erick hopping his rag top on its back wheels to reveal a banner with the words “Will you marry me?”

Castillo then gets on bended knee and pops the question. “What? You’re lying! Are you serious?” his surprised girlfriend Adriana Manriquez is heard asking.

Spoiler Alert: she said yes. Well, actually, she teared up and embraced him. But they’ve both changed their Facebook relationship status to “Engaged” so she obviously said yes.

Well executed, Erick. And best wishes on your engagement, guys!

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