For some people, cleaning can be thrilling because you never know what kind of old goodies you will find. Whether it is cleaning out your closet or some old bins of you've stored little oddities you've saved over the years. Some of us like to save things that remind us of some dope past memories.

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For example, I have held on to every driver's license I have gotten since high school until now. Not only that, I have held on to almost every concert ticket of mine which has accumulated over the years.

I know I am not the only one that saves every concert ticket since the start of attending concerts. But one of the coolest El Paso native bartenders I know (you may also) Ced, shared a couple of pictures of something he found that he held on to since 2009.

Cedric got a hold of an old bin that would later put a smile on his face. Usually, some of us store little knick-knacks like old concert tickets, notes, letters, pictures, and old cards.

After doing some cleaning he came across an old membership card of his from the good old Blockbuster Video. For some people, it was the cool thing to have a membership to Blockbuster Video before Hollywood Video came around.

There is no greater feeling than remembering certain moments like getting your Blockbuster Video membership. But Cedric enjoyed reminiscing when he found his old Blockbuster Video membership card and even his friends shared their input.

via Cedric Winston Espino Facebook

A couple of his friends admitted to also holding on to their Blockbuster Video membership card after all these years. But what I want to know is how many other El Pasoans are holding on to their Blockbuster Video membership card too. Place your two cents in the poll below if you kept or tossed your Blockbuster Video membership card. But should you ever consider tossing your membership card try selling it on eBay like others have.

via Cedric Winston Espino Facebook

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