Alright, so If you didn’t get enough of the winds this past weekend then you’re in luck! (That was sarcasm btw.)

Those Springtime winds are expected to remain in our forecast at least until Tuesday evening so Allergy sufferers prepare yourselves.

Along with strong winds, the National Weather Service is warning locals that critical fire weather and dust will also be an issue.

What’s A Red Flag Warning:

Red flag warnings are usually called when critical fire weather is in the forecast. With strong winds, dry air, and warm temperatures, people are strongly encouraged NOT to do any outside open burning.

Monday’s Forecast:

The start of our week is expected to be a warm one with afternoon highs reaching the mid-80s. Monday’s winds are expected to reach up to 35 mph which puts us in the windy category. Patchy blowing dust will become an issue mainly after 1 pm on Monday. The strongest wind gusts are expected from 2 pm - 10 pm Monday, but even after 10 pm, we can expect winds to stick around, just not quite as strong as what we’re expecting before the 10 o’clock hour.

Tuesday’s Forecast:

Alright, now Tuesday’s forecast is the one we’re keeping an eye on because winds are expected to be stronger Tuesday as our next system pushed through Monday night into Tuesday.

The start of Tuesday will be calm as winds are only expected to be breezy for the early morning hours, but during the afternoon winds are expected to crank up.

Winds begin to pick up after noon with the strongest wind gusts, 50 mph, expected between 3 pm - 8 pm. Our afternoon highs will still be fairly warm with temperatures expected to reach the lower 80s on Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday’s Forecast:

The system that pushes through on Tuesday will drop our afternoon high’s on Wednesday to the lower 70s, which honestly, I’m not mad about!

We’ll continue to track 70-degree temperatures for Thursday, but don’t get so used to those 70s because Friday will be the start of a warming trend.

Afternoon highs are expected to jump back to the upper 80s just in time for Easter weekend!

So, this is your friendly reminder to tie down any outdoor patio furniture you don't want to go missing!



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