Snuggle Alert.

It’s going to be a very chilly Valentine’s Day, and I’m not referring to the status of your relationship if you dare forget to get her something. But, yeah, that, too.

El Paso winters are typically more delightful than frightful. Take this week, for example: sunny and 70s through the work week. Hey, they don't call us The Sun City for nothing. But, like that popular meme warns, brace yourself winter is coming.

A very cold blast of arctic air is marching towards El Paso from Canada, and forecasters say strong winds, freezing temperatures, and, (dare we say it?) even snow will be the weekend weather story.

What hasn’t been determined just yet is exactly how cold the high temperatures will be on Sunday and Monday, but all the locals in the weather predicting business agree overnight and morning temps will slip into the low 20s, maybe even the teens, and Sunday into Monday is our best chance for snow.

As for how much snow, it’s too early to say exactly but judging by the weather models below, it will likely be measurable enough that we'll be waking up to snow on the ground in El Paso and Las Cruces Monday morning.

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So, pull out the fuzzy socks and flannel pajamas and get ready to bundle up, and don’t forget about the four P’s: people, pets, plants, and pipes. Check on the vulnerable, cover up those plants and pipes, and bring in your pets. If you can't or won't then get your pet an insulated dog house.

At the very least, build some kind of a protective enclosure to shield your doggo or kitty from the wind, precipitation, and cold.

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