Alright, so I hate to be the bearer of bad news but allergy sufferers may not be a fan of this week's weather as we are expecting the return of those annoying Spring-like winds.

Our weekend was overall a nice one with warm temperatures reminding us that we’re in the Spring season but we already know that with Spring comes those pesky winds and that’s exactly what we can expect this coming Tuesday.

Monday our winds will slowly pick up giving us low-end windy conditions, 30 mph, for the afternoon with the strongest gusts expected after 3 pm. The good news? Our afternoon highs will be nice and warm with temperatures expected to reach the lower 80s.

Now, let’s move on to Tuesday when most of the action is expected, and by action, I mean the weather ya’ll.

A Pacific system will move in late Monday into Tuesday and will bring us windy conditions and scattered showers.

Let’s start with the least impactful: Rain Chances

Chances for scattered showers Tuesday are in fact in the forecast, but those chances are expected to be at a slight chance so probably enough to get the car dirty. 

We can expect scattered showers throughout the early morning hours and into the afternoon.

Now for the most impactful: The Winds *Insert dramatic music here* 

We can pretty much expect windy conditions all day Tuesday but the strongest wind gusts are expected after 12 pm.

Gusts of up to 50 mph are expected which means, tie-down your trampolines because if they fly into your neighbor's yard, that is now their property!

With these strong wind gusts, we can expect the possibility of blowing dust and sand which means…if you suffer from allergies you may want to just keep your allergy meds handy all day.

Our afternoon temperatures on Tuesday will be cooler than Monday but nothing too outrageous. We can expect temperatures in the mid-70s for Tuesday afternoon.

Winds won’t be quite as strong on Wednesday but they’ll still be around. Gusts of up to 40 mph are expected Wednesday with afternoon highs in the lower 70s.

So, let’s enjoy these calm conditions while they last, El Paso and Las Cruces.


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