An east El Paso water well maintained by El Paso Water Utilities is a huge eyesore, but the utility isn’t doing anything about it, despite repeated requests by residents in the area.

The well-head site is located in the Cielo Vista neighborhood at the intersection of Cosmos and Catnip streets near Scottsdale Elementary School. I live around the corner, and the tattered plastic that is attached to the chain link fence makes the whole intersection look horrible. There is a sign with a number for the El Paso Water Utilities, but no one answers the phone and you can’t leave a message.

Weeds, plants growing through the chain link fence, and trash piled up inside the fence are proof of a complete lack of concern El Paso Water Utilities has for the neighborhood. I’ve heard from a number of listeners who say their wellhead is also poorly maintained, and that is unacceptable. We need to hold our public entities to the same standards we are all held to. If your house looked like the Cielo Vista wellhead, you would get fined.

Call El Paso Water Utilities to tell them that they need to maintain their properties. C’mon, EPWU, get your act together and be a better neighbor.