El Paso Water says they have gotten a number of inquiries about companies offering programs that cover the cost of emergency repairs to water and sewer service lines. El Paso Water wants local property owners know that they are not affiliated with these companies and do not endorse the companies or their programs. They also want El Pasoans to know that the water utility does not require customers to obtain pipeline protection coverage.

If you are looking at a third party provider of pipeline protection coverage, El Paso Water wants customers to read all the information about the companies that offer that type of coverage very carefully before deciding to get that coverage.

These companies often show up during winter months and offer their services in case your home's pipes freeze. If you would like to prevent your pipes from freezing, use these tips:

Insulate exposed pipes and faucets, including those in the basement, garage, attic, crawl space and other unheated areas. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors so warmer air circulates around the plumbing. Remove harmful chemicals and cleaning products to protect children and pets.

Let cold water drip from faucets served by exposed pipes when temperatures drop for an extended amount of time.

If pipes break on your property, turn off the water at the meter to avoid further damage and water waste. This video contains step-by-step instructions on turning water off at the meter.

Before leaving home for an extended winter vacation, turn off the water at the meter or have someone monitor your home in case damages occur while you are away.

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