Due to rising temperatures the elderly, children and pets are at high risk of serious health risks – learn ways to stay cool and avoid heatstroke.

El Paso is currently experiencing triple-digit temperatures and it won’t be letting up anytime soon. As we settle into the heat there are some friendly reminders to practice this summer for yourself and your loved ones.


  • Make sure that they are drinking plenty of water throughout the day
  • Use sunscreen at all times even when it’s overcast
  • Keep a cool bandana to reduce body temperature
  • Adding fans around the home will keep the air circulating and cool
  • Never leave an elderly person in a vehicle unattended


  • As with elderly people – children too are susceptible to dehydration so make sure they too are drinking plenty of water
  • Use sunscreen on your child even if you are not going swimming – children can burn just as easily as adults, so slather it on.
  • Never leave your child unattended in a vehicle – leave your phone or your wallet in the back seat so you don’t forget your child


  • If you leave your pets outdoors make sure that you leave plenty of fresh water available while you are away and provide plenty of shade
  • As with people – never leave a dog unattended in a vehicle

Vehicles & Heat:

  • During the summer the heat inside a vehicle jumps dramatically and it can lead to death in some cases. (Refer to the temperature pet safety chart provided by veteranaryclinic.com)
  • Never under any circumstances leave a child, elderly person, or a pet inside a vehicle
  • Never leave a window “cracked” because this does nothing
  • Never leave the vehicle running with the a/c on and a child, elderly person or pet inside. There is no guarantee that the a/c won’t give out or that someone may steal the unattended vehicle.

Graph information provided by Veterinaryclinic.com

El Paso will be feeling triple-digit heat all this week into next week and probably into July, so stay hydrated, wear cool clothing and wear sunscreen.

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Remember, if you spot someone who is inside a vehicle during this heat wave call 911 immediately and do not wait – you’ll be saving someone’s life!


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