The high temperature today is supposed to be 100, but over the next few days, it is expected to be well into the 100s. That has the El Paso Extreme Weather Task Force preparing to donate fans to people without air conditioning.

You might not think that fans would help with the triple-digit heat, but it can provide some relief in an oven-hot house or apartment. KFOX 14 reports that El Paso is forecasted to have around 40 days of triple-digit heat, and with all that heat, the need for fans goes up.

Last year, there were four heat-related deaths in El Paso. The Task Force has more than 600 fans that will be going to people without air conditioning, but they’ll need more throughout the summer. If you would like to donate a fan, or if you need a fan for your home, call the Extreme Weather Task Force at 2-1-1.

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