Ricky Ramirez has been posting videos online to motivate students. People from the Ellen Degeneres Show saw the videos and invited Ricky to fly out to Burbank California to see a taping of her show. Mr. R (as his students call him) thought he was just going to be part of the audience. During the taping, Ellen called him to join her on stage.

Once on stage, Ricky Ramirez explained the program he works for, AVID, which was recently cut by EPISD. He then explained that he "can either throw a pity party or be optimistic and positive." Ellen then said that she and Walmart wanted to help. Ricky was asked to participate in a game. The goal of the game is to make a ball into a small hole about 30 yards away. After some tough tries, Ellen gave Ricky a helping hand, as you will see in the video. Congrats to Ricky and keep the awesome motivational videos going!

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