El Paso has some equally beautiful sunrises and sunsets, so we're asking El Pasoasns to help us determine which is the most breathtaking time of day in the Sun City.

El Pasoans are notorious for posting pictures of our city's glorious sunrises brightening up and illuminating the early morning sky. But on the other hand, our El Paso sunsets streaked in vibrant reds, yellows, pinks, and blue hues are sometimes so otherworldly that they can honestly take your breath away.

Marcos Rey

I suppose preference has everything to do with whether or not you're an early riser because if you've never seen a sunrise in El Paso or anywhere on earth, you're seriously missing out on a postcard moment.

El Paso sunrises are pretty extraordinary, and I highly recommend seeing the sun come up at Hueco Tanks State Park - it's one of my favorite places next to Scenic Drive.

Marcos Rey

I, like many others, have seen my fair share of sunsets and sunrises throughout the years across California, Texas, Portland, and Hawaii; and while truly impressive, beach backdrop included - nothing beats the sun setting as it does in El Paso.


So what makes El Paso's sunrises and sunsets so spectacular? It may very well be sunlight particles scattering through layers of pollution, haze, dust, and a dash of desert magic that all work in conjunction to create the perfect picture-worthy scenic moments.

Whether you are an early riser or late afternoon bloomer, which do you think is the most breathtaking part of the day in El Paso, sunrise or sunset?



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