If you do any amount of driving, you know that El Paso streets can sometimes be a minefield of potholes. We have heat and sometimes flooding rains that wreak a lot of havoc with the roads. Add all the traffic of over a million people and before you know it, you have lots of potholes.

One of the biggest complaints that comes up on Facebook whenever a story about City Council comes up is people harrumphing about how slow the City is in fixing potholes, but now, the City has a new process that streamlines pothole repair.

On average, about 500 potholes are repaired per week by Street and Maintenance crews. In the old system, pothole repair crews did repairs based on public service requests. The new system has crews are assigned to smaller geographic areas and repairs are scheduled based on a geographic focus. Crews spend less time driving to their next repair and that means more potholes get repaired.

The City has gotten more than 3,500 pothole service requests as of mid-June this year. It usually take about two weeks to get them done. If you want to report a pothole that needs to be filled, you can do that online or call 3-1-1.

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