Do you have a purse you aren't using anymore? I mean, I just looked in my closet and there are three purses I no longer use. If you have some that you don't use anymore, then gather them up, add a few unopened personal hygiene items, and put them to good use.

Basil Court Whimsy is a locally owned store that sells hand painted furniture, repurposed creations, and vintage items. They also house a collection of local handcrafted boutiques, and have paint workshops available throughout the month.

This year, BCW is doing a charity drive to help women living in shelters in the El Paso area get purses filled with love this Valentine’s Day. They want to collect 50 purses to give away and brighten the day of women who could use a little sunshine.

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a nice purse and a few personal items to make her feel better. If you don't have a purse to donate, you can drop off personal hygiene items to Basil Court Whimsy and they will fill a purse for you.

BCW is taking donations during their monthly event on February 9 - 10, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you are can't drop items off during that time, call the store at 915-539-8037 and they will make other arrangements to get your donation.

The items that are most needed are:
coffee gift cards
lip balm/gloss/lipstick
tampons/sanitary products
hand/body cream
deodorant/body wash/facial cleanser
mascara/make up
nail polish/ polish remover
nail file/nail clippers
wallet/ change purse
packaged snacks/gum/mints
Kleenex packs
Facial wipes

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