And in news that will not surprise a single El Pasoan… we're fat.

Evidently, El Paso is too big for its britches. And I mean that literally not metaphorically.

The results of a financial website's 2023 Most Overweight and Obese Cities in the U. S. are in, and the Sun City is going to have to buy bigger pants.

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Wallethub looked at the 100 most populated metro areas in the U.S. across “19 key indicators of weight-related problems” such as share of overweight and obese adults, teens, and kids, and the number of adults with health issues related to weight such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

And diabetes, as I’m sure you've heard is no bueno. Complications include blindness, amputation, and the inability to squeeze into a booth at Texas Roadhouse.

El Paso Tips the Scales at Number...

Thinkstock (2)/Canva
Thinkstock (2)/Canva

The latest study determined El Paso continues to collectively put on the pounds going from 2021's more-to-love #32 spot to a plus-sized #30 in 2022 to a super-sized #28 overall 2023 ranking.

What's worse, when you isolate the "Obesity and Overweight" category, we waddle in at #4. Good to know I’m not the only one who can no longer tell where my butt ends and the La-Z-Boy recliner begins.

Big State, Big Eaters

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and apparently everyone is, too.

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, San Antonio-New Braunfels, and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission were the other Texas cities full of enthusiastic eaters tipping the scales at 26, 25, and #1.

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