The deadline for paying your 2012 property taxes is today!  If you waited until today, get ready to stand in line.  Here are the locations you can pay those pesky taxes

El Paso Property Tax Deadline Nears

If you don't pay your taxes today, tomorrow you will start incurring penalties and interest.

1. Send your payment by mail to El Paso Tax Assessor Collector, P.O. Box 660271, Dallas, Texas 75266-0271.  Do not mail cash, and your payment has to be postmarked by midnight tonight to get in under the deadline.
2. Log onto  You can pay by e-check or Master Card, Visa, or AmEx.
3. Call (915) 541-4054, to pay your taxes with e-check or Master Card, Visa, or AmEx.
4. Wells Fargo banks in El Paso County will take your payments until 3 o'clock today.  You can pay either the full amount or leave a partial payment. They will not accept cash, only checks or money orders. You do have to have your tax bill with you, and payments will only be accepted in the lobby.
5. The County Tax Offices will be taking property tax payments with your check, money order, or cash. Don't forget to take your tax bill with you.
6. Finally, the City of El Paso Tax Office on the 3rd floor of the Downtown Wells Fargo Building at 221 N. Kansas, on the corner of Kansas and Mills, is another place you can pay your taxes. Office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. today.

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