For a couple of weeks, Darren and I have been dealing with the fallout of getting our debit cards cloned.  It's been a ongoing hassle of closing down bank accounts, changing PIN numbers, and making sure that automatic debits from our accounts are covered.  El Paso Police say, cloning and other scams to try and steal your dinero and your identity are a big problem during the holidays, and they have some tips to keep your cash safe.

Police say one of the scams involves you getting a phone call from someone telling you that there are problems with your Social Security benefits, and they need your banking information.  Don't give it to them!  El Paso police say it a scam and it could spell doom for your money and your identity.

The Better Business Bureau says another scam targets cellphone users during the holiday shopping season.  If you get a text saying you've won a gift card to someplace like Best Buy, Target or Walmart, with website link that looks real, it isn't, and responding to it could give scammers your personal information.

We can never say it often enough - you should never give any personal banking information over the phone during an unsolicited call.  If you have no idea why someone is calling you for that information, it's a scam.

The Better Business Bureau recommends forwarding any suspicious texts to 7726, or SPAM, which will tell your cellphone carrier to block future texts.  Also, make sure you know where your credit and debit cards are at all times, don't tell anyone your PIN number, and keep all shopping receipts until you've checked them off your bank statement.

If you or anyone you know has been scammed, you can call police at 832-4400.