El Paso Police are warning that with warm weather comes the opportunity for crime.

They arrested a 28-year-old man who tried to get into a woman's west side apartment early yesterday morning. Police were called to the woman’s apartment on the 500 block of Rubin around 2 Thursday morning after the woman reported that the suspect was trying to get through the front door and through her bedroom window. Jose Ray Jarvis Jr. was spotted on the patio by police and took off, but police caught up to him in a different apartment close by and arrested him.

Police say they see this kind of crime spike when warmer weather hits.

People leave windows and doors open for ventilation, but that's all it takes for a burglar to possibly break into your house. Police say you should always check your doors and windows before you go to bed, and during the day, keep doors locked even if you are going in and out of your house. If you do leave your windows open for ventilation, it's recommended that you attach a window stop lock to prevent them from being fully opened from the outside. They're about a dollar at hardware stores.

The last thing you should do before you go to bed, police say, is make sure your garage doors are closed and locked. They tend to be on the opposite ends of the bedrooms in a house, and harder to hear if they are opened by a burglar.

Stay safe!