A parent's worst nightmare is the report of a gun on their child's school campus. Today, parents at Eastwood High School found out that there was a student with a gun on campus. Thankfully, that gun was determined to be unloaded, and it was all thanks to students who let school officials know what was going on.

The Ysleta Independent School District says security was notified by students around 8:55 this morning that another student might have a weapon on them. The student who had been identified by the other students was found and searched about 5 minutes later. An unloaded weapon was found in that student’s backpack.

The El Paso Police Department was called in and is investigating the situation. YISD officials say at no time was there an imminent threat to anyone at the school.

So far, the student's identity is not being released. YISD officials will not say if it is a male or female student, and will not disclose what type of weapon was found.

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