Day care and after school programs are always a challenge for parents. You need to research the facility, make sure they're bonded and licensed and hope that everything is on the up and up. The City of El Paso is helping parents out with their search by offering their own day care and after school programs.

Parks and Rec is offering day care and preschool programs for children ages 2 - 5 years old, year-round at two facilities, weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., except city holidays. You can also take advantage of seasonal programs from August to May, and summer camp in June and July. On the west side, the programs are at the Galatzan Recreation Center, 650 Wallenberg Drive, and in northeast El Paso at Veterans Recreation Center, 5301 Salem Drive.

Kids will be taught writing, math, social studies, science and art, as well as letters, colors, numbers and shapes.

Day care fees are:

Full Day Day Care (monthly) (more than 6 hours/day) - $315 (resident) - $395 (nonresident)

Half Day Day Care (monthly) (up to 6 hours/day) - $210 (resident) - $265 (nonresident)

Preschool Program (monthly) - $165 (resident) - $205 (nonresident)

Annual Registration Fee Per Child - $60 (resident) - $75 (nonresident)

For more information on these programs, you can call the Galatzan Recreation Center, 650 Wallenberg Drive at (915) 842-8754, and the Veterans Recreation Center 5301 Salem St. at (915) 822-8859.

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