If there is one thing that is so important to all kids it's the ability to play and interact with other kids. There are any number of really great playgrounds throughout the city for kids but there aren't many all-abilities playgrounds but that will soon change. The El Paso County Parks and Recreation Department has teamed up to form a partnership with Moms on Board, a Facebook page dedicated to moms and families in the El Paso area, to build three all-abilities playgrounds. The playgrounds will be built at three El Paso County parks.

Ascarate, Gallegos in Canutillo, and Risinger parks in Fabens will be getting all-inclusive playgrounds that are perfect for inclusive play opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities. The playgrounds are designed to help all kid's healthy development of physical, social, cognitive, and sensory abilities. The parks are being funded in part with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Local Parks Urban Outdoor Recreation Grant. It's so good to see that parks that are welcoming to all kids are being installed in El Paso. We are a very inclusive community and bringing kids of all ages and abilities together only serves to foster that sense of community.

Four hugging and smiling children, view from below

There will be groundbreaking ceremonies on Wednesday and Thursday. The parks are expected to have surfacing for kids who are in wheelchairs to get around easily, and will also have sensory tunnels where kids can play by themselves. Motion type features like swings and slides will also be modified. Well done City of El Paso and Moms on Board. You've done a great thing for El Paso.

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