If you are a pet owner you know that keeping them safe and sound is so important, that's why when they go missing your whole world turns upside down. The El Paso Parks & Rec Department and El Paso Animal Services came up with a plan to help keep pets in their home and out of the shelter. Earlier this week, they announced that you'll be able to go to one of five different City parks to use a chip scanner on a lost pet.

Parks and Rec and Animal Services officials say they came up with the scanners idea to try and quickly reconnect lost pets with their owners and more importantly, prevent the lost pets from being turned over the to the shelter. Of the over 26,000 pets that are brought to the El Paso Animal Services shelter only about 16 percent of them are ever reunited with their family. If a pet can be kept safely in the neighborhood instead of being taken to a shelter that might make it difficult to facilitate getting back to their family, they have a much better chance at getting back home.

If you find a pet in the neighborhoods with the microchip scanners, you can help reunite a pet with their owner. The scanning is available seven days a week from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at these locations:

Westside Natatorium
650 Wallenberg Dr.

Officer David Ortiz Skate Park (Mission Valley)
563 N. Carolina Dr.

Grandview Spray Park (Central)
3225 Jefferson Ave.

Veterans Swimming Pool (Northeast)
5301 Salem Dr.

Salvador Rivas Spray Park (Far East)
12480 Pebble Hills Blvd.

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