On the river banks of the Rio Grande just off Paisano, sits the once popular eatery, the La Hacienda Restaurant. Built in 1849, the building is considered a paranormal hotspot by many. It shut down years ago, but when it was still a bustling restaurant and bar, stories of the wait staff seeing plates and silverware move on their own, doors opening and closing, and hearing footsteps when there was no one else around were common.

In fact, back in 2009, Henry Flores and a few fellow members of his Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society along with a couple of brave KISS-FM staff members (not me!) spend the night there to see how much truth there were to the stories. Conclusion? Things do indeed go bump in the night in there! By far the most interesting thing caught on tape that night was what I have since referred to as the Perverted Ghost. I dubbed it that because as the crew was discussing a reading on one of their gadgets, you can clearly hear someone or some thing voice it’s approval of the lady in the group.

Over the years, the building has slowly descended into disrepair, and now the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society wants to do something about it. Flores wants to return the Historical Landmark to its former glory and has begun conducting ghost tours of the restaurant with all proceeds going towards its restoration.

Tonight and Saturday, August 9 and 10, from 9 p.m. to 12 Midnight, you can help Henry raise funds as you explore the mystery, the history, and the paranormal of one of El Paso’s most historic haunted buildings. The group will also be screening a video documenting evidence of paranormal activity at the restaurant. Call the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society at 274-9531 if you’re interested in doing some ghost busting this weekend. Oh, and ladies, don't dress too sexy. The Perverted Ghost may still be around!

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