Weeks after acquiring a United Soccer League team, MountainStar Sports Group announced its intent to involve the community in naming the new club.

The ownership group, which also owns and operates the El Paso Chihuahuas and is a minority owner of FC Juaréz, recently launched a Name the Team contest similar to the one they held in 2013 to name the baseball team.

Now I don't know if it's because the name they settled on for the Triple A team continues to divide our community to this day or if it's because the Internet is one big snark machine, but El Pasoans don't seem to be taking it all that seriously this time around.

Here are some of the tongue in cheek suggestions that have appeared on various media Facebook comment sections.

● El Paso Border Wall
A reference to ... well, you know.

● El Paso Orange Barrels/El Paso Construction Zone
A reference to ... well, you know this one all too well.

● Los Bad Hombres
While answering a question about his immigration policy in 2016, Trump stated that there were a lot of bad Mexicans in the United States and that they needed to be removed, referring to them as "bad hombres.” Or maybe he said “ombré,” like the type of hairstyle. That would work, too. I've seen a lot of bad ombré jobs around here.

● Diabetes FC
And not because we're such sweet people. Because of this.

● Los Durangitos
Maybe you've heard something about this so-called "Durangito" neighborhood?

While technically they all meet the requirement that the name should "be genuinely representative of El Paso," the fine print states that MountainStar has the final say -- contest entry or otherwise -- and that any name it chooses to go with will have to be approved by the USL.

And as you can see here, USL team names aren’t as fun and irreverent as minor league baseball team names. In other words, don't be surprised (or disappointed) if we end up with a safe, generic name like Sun City Soccer Club or FC El Paso.

So enjoy the frivolity and have a good laugh, but don’t expect "the Orange Barrels" to ever take the field. Above all else, the ability to trademark the name will be first and foremost when it comes to deciding on a name.Then whatever Paul Foster's wife wants.

You know, like the last time.

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