As the legal battle over the city's plans to build a arena Multipurpose Performing Art & Entertainment Center in the so-called "Duranguito" neighborhood drags on with no end in sight, there are still many El Pasoans who don't really understand the controversy.

Thank goodness fellow Townsquare Media El Paso employee Duke Keith has been following the drama Mike & Tricia have dubbed "the Neverending Story." Duke breaks down how ridiculous and absurd the dispute has become in a joke song sung to the tune of the Luis Fonsi mega-hit, Despacito.

“Is it about conniving city officials and greedy land owners pushing through what will end up being a money pit, all while oblivious to history?" he asks rhetorically in the Youtube video description.  "Or is it about tree-hugging, hippy-dippy obstructionists suddenly eager to save a place on the skids for 40 years and oblivious to progress?”

We Report, You Decide!

"Duranguito" As Heard on Mike & Tricia Mornings

Wrecking ball is coming in your direction.
Build an arena when we get permission,
no matter how many people signed your petition.

(Here come the judge. "No sports.")

Wait, Judge Meachum made this whole thing lame.
How will we make money if we can't play games?
No luxury box sales with no NBA D-League.

No chance to host two days of NCAA games.
Never mind those other 363 days.
We're doing what this neighborhood ain't, and that's appealing.

Durangito. Where were all these people in Durangito?
You'd swear the place was sponsored by the Home Depot
cuz of all the planks up in the windows.

Durangito. Rent an old apartment, buy a hipster’s beads, oh!
Maybe find free parking over by that hobo, but we can't play sports
only games in courts, so ...

No hockey, hoops, or rodeo.
No boxing nights on HBO. Arena Football that's a no.
We can't even play two-below.

On Durangito we would really love to drop a bomb (bomb), but not if we can't
have even cheerleaders shaking pom-poms.

A bunch of buildings with a bunch of nothing in it.
Stuck just building an arena with nothing in it.
We dream big like bringing Beyonce and deadmau5,
but now we have to take down Wesley Hardin's favorite whorehouse.


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