The results are in, and good news, El Paso; we’re not one of the Fattest City in America.

We're still pretty fluffy, though.

According to Wallethub's 2018 Fattest Cities in America list, El Pasoans have collectively slimmed down a bit going from last year’s plus-sized #22 ranking to this year’s ‘more to love’ #33 spot.

But hold off on that Double Doughnut Bacon Cheesburger and consider making it a salad instead, because diabetes apparently lurks around every corner here.

Per the financial website's voodoo science, El Paso has the highest percentage of diabetic adults in the country. As you may have heard, diabetes is no bueno. Complications include heart disease, blindness, and the inability to fit into a Mini Cooper.


The data also determined El Pasoans are not doing enough squats. In fact, we’re doing diddly squat.

According to the study, El Paso has some of the highest percentage of residents who are "physically inactive," which is just a nice way of saying we're a city full of fat, lazy people.

Good to know I’m not the only one who can no longer tell where my butt ends and the couch begins. But in my defense, Netflix ain't gonna watch itself. Now, where’s the remote?