Bravo to the El Paso Opera for taking it to the streets and bringing more than music to our community with its free #Curbside Concerts.

For over a month now our friends at the El Paso Opera have been performing all over the city bringing some much-needed reprieve and entertainment to all with its #Curbside Concert performances.

El Paso Opera 2 FB
El Paso Opera 2 FB

Since the ongoing pandemic has forced the postponement of many events or canceled altogether, the El Paso Opera has ingeniously been bringing the music to the people of the Sun City.

Not only is the opera company performing live via curbside but they are bringing our community together over the love of music during an era where humanity is urged to remain apart for the safety of all.

The El Paso Opera not only performs at various parks and public spaces around town where folks gather while social distancing. The opera company also offers private performances straight to your home curb for any special occasions.

Performance Details

For more details and private performance guidelines or to receive a weekly email of when and where the El Paso Opera will be performing next, visit


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