In the words of DJ Khalid…. “Another one.”

El Paso’s favorite mylar balloon muralist Tino Ortega has created yet another masterpiece and this time his latest work of art stands in his childhood neighborhood of Ysleta.

“When I was younger I would cross the street from school just to see the neighboring mural of the Virgen de Guadalupe—seeing work that was larger than life has been inspirational to me. So grateful to have this opportunity to paint in my old neighborhood of Ysleta #11,” wrote Tino on an Instagram post that shows his latest painting.

Tino’s latest mural is painted on the wall of Gabriel’s Cafe, located at 9100 Alameda Ave. right near Speaking Rock Casino.

The organizers of the Ysleta Farmers Market asked Tino to create this balloon mural that spells out “Ysleta.”

Courtesy: Tino Ortega
Courtesy: Tino Ortega

This is the 11th balloon mural for Tino. His iconic murals are scattered across El Paso and provide locals with the best photo op ever!

His most notable Mylar balloon mural, I Heart EP, is painted outside of Old Sheepdog Brewery in South Central El Paso.

Other murals include his iconic “Ay yay” mural which is located in far west El Paso.

And his “Chuco” mural located outside of Chuco Relic Central.

Tino hopes to continue painting more of his iconic mylar balloon murals across the city to continue showing the culture our city has to offer.


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