There are some gnarly things to check out in El Paso that families have a fun time at. For example, El Paso has been expanding with so many places that bring excitement for weekend plans. I know my kids and I get excited for the weekend because we have the time to have some fun at certain places.

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Roaring Lounge is definitely one of our favorite places to have some wild fun from time to time. The perk about Roaring Lounge is the different activities they have for you to do.

You can see from my pictures how my kids love doing the Rage Painting which is a great stress reliever. Plus, another cool spot other families could also agree that is fun would be Infinity Lights at Fountains at Farah.

El Paso is still continuing to grow and let's hope we can get even cooler attractions like the one in New York City, Affinity. My high school friend Ruben Amador shared a short clip of his visit (above) to one of the coolest attractions in New York City.

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt opened in September 2020 and the artist responsible for designing the exhibits was done by Kenzo Digital. Luckily, Here Be Barr got a tour when it first opened which you can see his YouTube video below.

I think other locals would agree that this kind of fun room would be freaking awesome to have in El Paso. I sure as hell know my kids would be down to kick around some chrome-like balloons around the room. I wish the artists here in El Paso can do the same kind of magic as the artist Kenzo Digital did at the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. Place your vote if you would be down to see something like this open in El Paso, below.

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