El paso ranks among the sweatiest, fattest cities in America populated by some of the ugliest men this country has to offer.

And now, we can add the dubious distinction of being the #1 Drunkest City in the land.

24/7 Wall Street, a financial news and opinion website, listed the drunkest city in every state, and yes, my fellow El Pasoans, we're No.1 in Texas and America. And it wasn't even close.

"With about 16% of Texas adults reporting heavy or binge drinking, excessive alcohol consumption is not especially common across the Lone Star State. There is one glaring exception, however. More than half of all adults in El Paso report drinking to excess on a regular basis, more than in any other city in the United States."

The list notes that 56.2% of El Paso adults -- let me repeat that slowly for effect; fifty-six ... point two ... percent -- report drinking excessively, compared to 16 percent statewide and 15 percent nationally.

We even almost doubled Dubuque, Iowa, the city with the second highest rate in the country, where 30.8% of adults are heavy drinkers.

Heavy drinking is defined by the Center for Disease Control as 15 or more drinks a week for men, and eight or more drinks per week for women.

Maybe it's the booze talking, but after reading all those sad statistics I need a drink now.

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