The results are in, and, good news; El Paso is not the fattest city in America. Woo-hoo!

But you might want to reconsider breaking out the cake and ice cream in celebration and making it a salad instead, because  we're still pretty fluffy.

WalletHub studied the 100 most-populated metro regions in the country to find out where weight related problems are most prevalent. After taking into consideration things like the number of fatties who live here, and how many unhealthy habits we partake in, the website concluded that El Paso is the 7th fattest city in America.

Even worse, we're home to the second highest percentage of residents who are physically inactive, and have the third highest percentage of citizens with diabetes.

Top 10 Fattest Cities in America

10. New Orleans, LA
9. Mobile, AL
8. Columbia, SC
7.  El Paso, TX
6.  Myrtle Beach, SC
5.  Greensboro, NC
4.  Greenville, SC
3. Jackson, MS
2.  Youngstown, OH
1  Shreveport, LA

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