When the zombie apocalypse hits, you want to be almost anywhere but here. Because apparently El Paso is a deathtrap, and we're all as good as eaten!

A national real estate website looked at data relating to the largest cities in America to calculate the survivability of its inhabitants in a zombie apocalypse, and determined that El Paso is the 25th worst city in America to seek refuge from “the walkers” in.

The tongue-in-cheek study took into consideration factors such as traffic congestion, "walkability," and the number of hardware stores and hospitals to reach its conclusion.

It turns out our low number of hardware stores would make it harder for us to find weapons, the high number of hospitals around here would give the undead easy access to plenty of defenseless food, and the traffic congestion we face every day would make it hard for us to make a quick getaway. El Paso also received a high walk score, which makes it relatively easy for us to get around now but would in turn make it easy for the walking dead to get around too.

Honolulu was named the worst city to be in, partly because you'd be on an island with zombies. You can check out an infographic of the Top 25 HERE.

Not that I've put too much thought into it, but if World War Z ever did go down I would take refuge inside City Hall. Even zombies know there are no brains there.

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