Zombie Run info
Think you can survive the zombie apocalypse? Put yourself to the test by joining the Running Dead 5K! All you have to do is try to escape a corn maze, infested with zombies, at night.
Zombie Celeb Photos
On AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' our planet is overrun with flesh-eating zombies. And while Snooki, Donald Trump, John Mayer, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan aren't quite pretty enough to play the undead, we have the fix for that.
We've zombie-fied those annoying individuals to …
Local Gun Range Holds Halloween Zombie Shoot
If you’re looking for something different to do this October 31st, how does a Zombie Shoot sound? Once trick-or-treating is over, put the little ones to bed, hire a good babysitter and head on out to celebrate Halloween in a way that’s more suitable to your desires.  Here’s one piece of advice thoug…
Til Zombies Do Us Part
We've all received our fair share of dull engagement announcement photos from friends. (Wow, a photobooth! So original!) Well, one creative couple decided to spice up their engagement photos with some uninvited members of the walking dead.