A pandemic and the resulting boredom from social distancing amid a stay at home order isn’t stopping one group of El Paso musicians from making sweet music.

Mariachi Son de Mexico used the excessive free time they have these days and their individual smart phones to play together virtually and perform a song for the rest of us who also have more me-time than we know what to do with.

“[We] have all been staying safe at home [and] it is driving us crazy because we miss playing our music for you all,” reads the caption accompanying the video posted below. “So, we were bored at home and decided to work together to bring a little happiness of our music to you at home.”

The band,  who back in the good old days when we could all move about freely and gather en masse played regularly at Los Toreados Restaurant & Cantina on Alameda, recorded themselves performing a cover of the Marco Antonio Solis classic, Se Va Muriendo Mi Alma, mariachi-style.

Thanks for the nice distraction, guys. I did not realize how much I needed a little "tan-tan" in my life right now.

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