Source: WalletHub

You might have heard the term "foodie" while passing a hipster or on a Food Network show. This term is easily thrown around and claimed by many people who consider themselves to be food experts but probably just follow the latest trends. Either way, anyone can call themselves a foodie, but only those who actually experience the food instead of shoving it into their mouths can proudly wear that title. Experiencing food by savoring flavors, learning about the food and discovering the story of what they are eating, is what Wallethub claims to be the difference between people and foodies.

If that first paragraph sounds confusing to you, then you are probably part of the reason why El Paso is ranked at 100 on the 2018 Best Foodie Cities. Wallethub gave us their methodology for the list and basically, it comes down to "cost of groceries to affordability and accessibility of high-quality restaurants to food festivals per capita." We have all those things so of course, we were totally going to make the list, but at such a low number is kind of a bummer.

We still beat some pretty popular places, so El Paso is still a place we can proudly call a foodie paradise. We could really call anything a foodie paradise because there is no nickname police. Go crazy and call Chico's a foodies paradise for all Wallethub cares. I am just happy we made it on the list and can start telling people to come to eat all the wonderful things El Paso has to offer because it is a foodie paradise.

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