Changes are happening to El Paso and others are taking notice!

Morgan Brennan of Forbes has created a list of Top 10 up-and coming downtowns by analyzing the development efforts happening in U.S. cities.

Flickr/Marco P. Sanchez
Flickr/Marco P. Sanchez

El Paso shows up on the third slide of Brennan’s blog and explains everything that is going to revitalize downtown El Paso.

She points out that the revitalization started in 2006 with more than $700 million in government reinvestment and continues to grow thanks to voters back in November, allowing the use of $473 million in bonds towards 85 redevelopment projects.

Brennan mentions some of the larger and most talked about projects going on such as the cultural heritage center, new children’s museum and the new Triple-A baseball stadium. El Paso city manager, Joyce Wilson, even makes an appearance on the  list by sharing her expectations, "the area will see a doubling in growth in terms of the tax base in the next five to 10 years."

It seems El Pasoans aren’t the only ones anxious to see the revitalized downtown El Paso! I am just happy that El Paso didn't make another list focusing on our appearance.

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