We all know by now what a Karen is. That is a woman who is usually being mean and loud about something or someone she doesn't like. Karens have been seen on video all summer long and they seem to have really come out of the woodwork since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. We've seen Karens yelling at people about not wanting to wear masks and Karens throwing things at poor store employees who are just trying to do their jobs in this particularly trying time. Karens on video aren't something we see too much here in El Paso, but one Karen made a splash on social media first with her rant about a fellow driver and then got even social media famouser when she was seen later on mocking her fame.

The first video is full of saucy language, so if your kids are in the room you probably want to listen with a pair of earbuds. If this Karen lived in my mom's house, she would have been getting a good taste of Ivory soap for all the curse words she spews. Apparently EP Karen felt like she shouldn't have been honked at by the person who is filming even though she was texting (allegedly) and driving which cause traffic to back up behind her. Just listen to how pleasant she is:

After that incident, the same website posted a video of our EP Karen doing a little dance in what appears to be a grocery store. The white tank top/pink bra got a lot of play on the post. I wonder if this woman's children are proud of her?

Well you gotta hand it to her. This is one Karen who doesn't seem to care what social media thinks of her antics.

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