In case you didn’t know, today is National Tamale Day! A day where we appreciate all kinds of Tamales. From the meat-filled ones to the cheesy ones. Tamales are a traditional Latin American dish that is made using corn dough, called masa, and a variety of fillings.

Personally, I LOVE tamales but would I pay over $100 for one? Probably not, but if you would like to fork over $150 for a tamal then feel free to take your money to Ambar Restaurant + Bar in downtown El Paso because the restaurant just introduced what they are calling the most expensive tamal IN THE WORLD!

Ambar Restaurante + Bar shared a post to their Instagram showcasing the very expensive tamal which they have named, “The Golden Tamal.”

The Golden Tamal includes duck mantecas, wagyu short rib and foie gras barbacoa. The tamal is crowned with Baja lobster claws, caviar, and gold flakes which is probably why it has the name The “Golden Tamal.”

Courtesy: Ambar Restaurante + Bar
Courtesy: Ambar Restaurante + Bar

This expensive creation is one of the many things that new Executive Chef, Lawerence Acosta, is bringing to Ambar.

But is it REALLY the most expensive in the world?

Alright, so you're probably wondering if this is really the world's most expensive tamale and if you are, wonder no more.  We googled "The World's Most Expensive Tamal" and the only thing that popped up was The Neiman Marcus Luxury Tamal which is sold for a whopping $110 for 72 luxury Tamales.

However, the Neiman Marcus Luxury Tamal doesn't sound as fancy and tasty as Chef Lawrence Acosta's Golden Tamal.

Neiman Marcus' luxury tamales are handmade from a traditional recipe of fresh stone-ground corn, top-quality meats, lard, spices, and natural flavorings.


Ambar Retsuarante and Bar is located on the lobby level of the plaza hotel pioneer park. They are known for their fine dining and culinary narrative that mixes Mexican cultures, traditions, centuries-old ingredients, and modern presentations.

Ambar Restaurante also boasts more than 800 bottles of Mezcals, Tequilas, Sotols, Bacanoras and Raicillas — making it home to the largest and rarest agave spirit collection in Texas, according to their website.

You probably won’t find me spending $150 on a tamal BUT if you ask me to pay $150 for a pitcher of their Ambar margaritas then my answer would be HECK YES! (This is not an ad, I just really love their margaritas.)


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