High school is a tough time - ever seen 'Mean Girls'?  Yeah, kids can be really awful sometimes.  But if you think there's no such thing as a good kid, think again, because at a Tuesday night basketball game between two El Paso high school rivals, there were hundreds of good kids rooting for just one special student!  Get out the box of Kleenex!

El Paso High School Basketball Teams Make Special Needs Student Dream Come True
elpasotimes.com/Rudy Gutierrez

The Coronado T-Birds and Franklin Cougar High School’s boy's basketball teams are pretty fierce rivals, and on Tuesday night, Coronado was beating Franklin by double digits with a minute and a half left.  Special needs student Mitchell Marcus has been Coronado's basketball manager the past four years, and with the game essentially in the bag, Coronado coach Peter Morales put Mitchell in the game.

Mitchell missed his first shot attempt, and after fumbling the ball out of bounds with 14 seconds left, it didn’t look like he was going to be able to fulfill his dream of scoring in a game.  But when rival Cougar’s player Jon Montanez got the ball, instead of inbounding it to one of his teammates, he called Marcus over and tossed him the ball!

Jon said he saw Mitchell’s teammates trying to get him the ball, so he decided to help out.  Check out the story by clicking on the link above, and watch Estela Casas get choked up over this heartwarming story!  See if you can't make it through the video below without crying!