Homecoming season is here and that means it’s also time for students to get creative when it comes to asking their dates to the homecoming dance.

When I was in high school, homecoming and prom proposals wasn’t a thing. Your date would just ask you with an awkward note or send a friend to ask you. Times have changed since then.

Last year, one Burges High School student used his awesome guitar skills for an “Up” themed promposal serenade.

This year one Franklin High School student decided he wouldn’t let a near-fatal car accident stop him from asking his girlfriend to the homecoming dance. Yup, you read the correctly, near-fatal!

Lucas Torres was recently in a frightening accident where the vehicle he was in flipped over, and Lucas almost lost his life as a result of the accident.

Lucas spent his recovery at the El Paso Children’s Hospital and it was the hospital’s amazing trauma team that helped save Lucas’ life and helped him regain his strength to heal.

Although the accident was near-fatal, Lucas still managed to have a sense of humor about all of it and he used that humor in his surprise homecoming proposal to his girlfriend, Cienna.

In a video shared on the El Paso Children’s Hospital’s Facebook page, Cienna is seen walking into Lucas’ hospital room where Lucas is standing, still in his hospital gown, holding up a sign that reads, “I’d flip out if you said yes to Hoco with me.”

For me, the best part of the sign was the flipped over vehicle drawn right underneath the word “flip.”

I mean, talk about a sense of humor!


Cienna laughs behind her face mask and before she could answer his question she asks, “Is that your handprint?”

I’m assuming that she was caught off guard and nervous so her immediate reaction was to question everything on the poster. Once she got over the pretty clever poster, Cienna proudly said “Of course I’ll go with you.” *Cue hugs and Cue tears in my eyes*

It’s always great to see people have such a good sense of humor after a traumatic event because personally I believe that laughter and humor is always the best medicine and it’s safe to say that Lucas’ recovery will be a quick one with the sense of humor he has.

Way to go, Lucas and get better soon!

Courtesy: El Paso Children’s Hospital
Courtesy: El Paso Children’s Hospital

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