El Paso has seen some truly amazing shows; not just from El Paso artists or Texas, but all over the country. But some of the best shows we've ever seen have been bands OUTSIDE the US, from Canada, Europe, Asia, etc.

With the announcement of the Russian group Molchat Dama coming to The Lowbrow Palace in Mat, why don't we look back at some international bands that rocked El Paso.

NOTE: This is just a short list as there are SO MANY more shows that I left off here.

Let's start with our brothers to the North: Canada.

I know when you think of Canada bands in El Paso, of course there's Nickelback or Theory of a Deadman. But when I think of Canada: Sum 41, Loverboy & my favorite, Rush are just a few bands that rocked El Paso in the past.

We've seen many neighbors from across the pond in Europe in El Paso; artists like Iron Maiden (Britain),

Judas Priest (Britain),

Def Leppard, and yes we forgive you from the incident in 1983.

Ghost (Sweden),

The Scorpions (Germany),

Nightwish (Finland),

Volbeat (Denmark),

I'd be remised if I didn't mention One Direction, who gave El Paso one of THE BIGGEST concerts at the Sun Bowl.

We certainly can't forget bands like Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, OpethKing Crimson who have all rocked El Paso before...

Being so close to Mexico, of course we would see huge acts come to town. Like Mana,

Cafe Tacvba,



Other names to include: Molotov, Caifanes, & Fobia

Other bands that definitely are worth mentioning are Seether from South Africa,

The Hu from Mongolia,

Sepultura from Brazil,

& of course AC/DC from Australia

With El Paso getting bigger & bigger, it's likely we'll see plenty more shows from both national AND international bands in the future.

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