Don't you hate it when you purchase a ticket for a concert, only to have it cancel on you? Sadly that's happened quite a few times here in El Paso. Let's look back on other artists who promised a show but through whatever means, couldn't do it.

NOTE: We love these artists. This is just a humorous list & we'd ABSOLUTLEY love to see them again in El Paso


It was announced recently that Blink-182 has reunited with Tom Delonge for a 2023 tour. However I remembered them having to postpone, and eventually canceling a show back in 2019. The reason WHY was due to the unfortunate fact that it was supposed to happen on the same day of the Walmart shooting...

So we're still hoping that they will return one day to make up for lost time. But at least we can say we saw them back in 2016...

Vince Neil:

Remember when the front man of Motley Crue was supposed to perform in El Paso? We do. He was supposed to perform at the County Coliseum on June 15, 2019. Unfortunately he had to cancel that show, but... we can't be too bummed out. After all he DID perform in El Paso many times before...


Yes we have to throw Whitesnake on the list, they were originally set to open up for the Scorpions when they came to the Don Haskins Center in September. But due to David Coverdale getting very sick, they sadly had to drop out of the tour. It's very unlikely that Whitesnake would return, since this was originally supposed to be their farewell tour. But since they had to cut it short, it's possible they COULD try to make up those tour dates. Until then, let's be thankful of the times that they HAVE rocked El Paso in the past.

Linkin Park:

This is one concert that unfortunately will never happen again; on March 2 2008 (just 1 day after my 15th birthday), Linkin Park was supposed to perform at the Don Haskins Center. Chester Bennington was diagnosed & was forced to cancel the El Paso & Albuquerque concert to rest his voice. Sadly they would never return to El Paso after that. But don't be too sad... El Paso DID see Linkin Park once... in 2003. At least we saw them once right?

Rage Against the Machine:

Yeah this one stings a bit. With the announcement that Rage Against the Machine canceling their 2023 US tour (and yes that includes the shows in El Paso & Las Cruces), this was the 3rd year in a row that RATM had to cancel a show. Will they ever appear around El Paso? It's possible but we'll just have to see...

Honorable Mention - Greta Van Fleet (2022):

Another cancellation in 2022, the most recent one is GVR having to cancel their November 8th show at the Don Haskins Center. The reason why was Josh's ruptured eardrum & as a result they had to cancel & postpone their El Paso, Tuscon, Anaheim & Sacramento shows. Josh did release an official video on their Instagram page apologizing for cancelling but they promise to come back one day.

Come back they WOULD: March 21, 2023. Nearly 5 months later, Greta Van Fleet & Rival Sons WOULD play their rescheduled show. And the fans couldn't be happier.

Honorable Mention - Jack White (2018):

I remember buying a ticket for the Jack White concert in 2018, only to having to get a refund just a week later. The former White Strips front man was supposed to perform at the El Paso County Coliseum September 19th, 2018 but he canceled due to unknown reasons. Thankfully Jack WOULD make up the show by performing almost 4 years later, May 27, 2022. He would even make an appearance at Dave's Pawn Shop. Better late than never right?

Hopefully we don't see more cancelations but if any of those active bands WANT to come back to El Paso, we are more than welcome to saying hello again!

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