There’s a new music venue in town and it’s geared at letting underage teens enjoy the sights and sounds of concerts that only 21 and over adults could enjoy at local bars and nightclubs.

Back in July of 2021, El Paso sisters Savannah Sky, River, and Phoenix Grajeda opened the doors to their very first business, Whole Lota Denim (WLD).

The vintage boutique, which is located at 11504 Rebel Ct. in east El Paso, was a way for the girls to share their passion for fashion with others at a more affordable price.

“We started doing it for our own and then people started asking 'hey where can I get a jacket like that' and people started asking 'can you do that for me' and we were like yea we can do it. We got you,” said Savannah Sky.

The boutique features hand-painted denim clothing, handmade jewelry, and other items made by each sister.

To celebrate the grand opening of their boutique, the girls held a live show featuring local bands in an open space located at the back of where their vintage boutique.

The event was aimed at underage music lovers to give them the opportunity to enjoy music and bands that are usually performing at local night clubs that require you to be over the age of 21. The response the sisters got from all of their guests was nothing but positive.

“We wanted to bring hard rock to the scene and introduce that music to underage teenagers who aren't able to go into bars or pubs,” said Phoenix Grajeda. “So we had local rock bands play for us and it was a huge hit and everyone is like, when’s your next show.”

Fast forward a year later and the Grajeda sisters are now spending their free time doing labor work to create a venue that would allow them to bring local musical artists as well as national artists to El Paso.

The venue is an all-ages music venue and security is highly enforced during every concert.

“It’s all ages so anyone can come. Everyone is welcome and we just want everyone to feel welcomed,” said River Grajeda. "You’re gonna leave everything at the door because everyone is just here having a great time."

The sisters have held a handful of concerts in the venue since they first opened shop, but their biggest concert yet will be happening on October 1st.

Sitting on Stacy is a rock/Alternative/Indie band based out of San Diego and made up of three friends. The band most recently went on tour with the Jonas Brothers and are currently touring across the country.

The Grajeda sisters are excited to be bringing such a well-known band to their venue and they hope that this will be the first of many!

Click here to purchase your tickets. If you’re a local band and would like more details on how you can book a show at WLD’s venue, Click Here.

Courtesy: WLD
Courtesy: WLD

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