Tubi is the streaming service that is totally free to watch and now, you can check out an El Pasoan's movie for free!

Andrew Jara's film, which was shot in El Paso, "Borderland" is now available to stream for free on Tubi and I think it's definitely a film to check out! According to Jara's description:

"Filmed on a budget of 7,000 dollars over 7 days, Borderland is truly an independent film. Filmed on location around El Paso, Texas, Borderland tells the story of Sara, who finds herself in a world she never imagined. After murdering her abusive husband, she finds out about his double life of working for the Juarez Cartel. Now in debt for his murder, Sara will have to team up with an outsider to find some missing money before the night is over."

Judging by the trailer, El Paso's scenery is the main character! Check out the trailer below.

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This isn't Jara's first film, though. His 2018 film "The Last Ones" follows two men surviving a post-apocalyptic world wiped out from a lethal virus.

Most recently, Jara released an award winning short film called "Wellness Check". The short played at the Be Afraid Horror Film Festival, the Nightmares Film Festival, The Bleedingham Horror Film Festival and won “Most Original Concept” at the Oregon Scream Week Film festival. It was filmed during the beginning of the pandemic and Jara let the actors film their scenes themselves. I do have to say that "Wellness Check" has to be on the top of my favorite horror shorts! Check it out below:

You can check out more of Andrew Jara's short films on his YouTube page.

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