High winds can play havoc with recycling and trash bins. They litter the streets during high wind days and can be dangerous for both motorists and pedestrians. The City of El Paso Environmental Services Department says if there are windy days in the forecast, you should not to place blue recycling bins out for collection if they are less than half-full.

The Environmental Services Department suggests that you wait until your next regularly scheduled pick-up day to put your recycling bins out for collection. Doing so will help reduce wind-blown debris on severe weather days. Environmental Services also says you should use caution as the wind can cause lids to quickly blow open.

Once your bins have been emptied, the Environmental Services Department suggests taking it back up to your house to prevent bins from being blown into the streets. For more information about garbage and recycling services during windy weather, call the Environmental Services Department at (915) 212-6000 or call 3-1-1.

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