1. Image of ATV


2. Suspect in Fox Racing t-shirt


3. Three suspects


On Sunday evening, 20 vehicles on I-10 between Fabens and Tornillo were attacked by someone throwing rocks. One woman was injured by broken glass, and the suspects got away. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office has released photos of several suspects it believes were involved in the attack. The photos above are from a convenience store where the suspects were videotaped buying gas for their ATV. The victims told Sheriff's deputies that the suspects threw baseball-sized rocks at their vehicles while they stood in the center median of I-10. Some of the damage to the vehicles included shattered windshields and broken headlights.

I hope these idiots are caught. They were reportedly standing in the median of the freeway throwing rocks at people? Somebody could have died. It's just too damned bad that the victims in this case won't ever get to scare the crap out these morons by throwing rocks at them as they are driving down the road and cause thousands of dollars of damage to their vehicle.

It's really a shame that imbeciles like these have to show us their shortcomings by overcompensating for their tiny, well, you know, by doing something like this.

If you have any information regarding this incident or the identity of the men seen in the surveillance images, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 915-832-4408.