An El Paso County Deputy Sherriff’s act of kindness is getting all kinds of Internet love after the woman on the receiving end shared her story on Facebook.

According to Patt Henson who wrote about her predicament on Facebook, she was at a Howdy’s on Saturday (Feb. 23) when she realized she had lost her wallet. Deputy Mendez with the El Paso County Sherriff’s Department became aware of the woman’s plight and helped her out of the situation.

“He gave me $20 for the gas, and $20 so I could get something to eat,” she wrote on a post accompanied by a photo of Officer Mendez. “He won't even let me pay him back. I am thoroughly grateful to Officer Mendez.”

Since receiving media attention, Henson’s post has garnered more than 140 comments, most praising the deputy for his act, and has been shared over 1,500 times.

The deputy’s selfless act isn’t the first by an EPCSO officer – it’s just the latest. In September 2018 deputies and detectives assigned to the Clint Patrol Station bought a 24-year-old lady a bicycle after finding out she was walking eight miles to work every day after her bike had broken down.

That same month Deputy Julian Ochoa bought a family diapers, clothes and a gift card while on patrol when he noticed them trying to raise money to feed and clothe their child.

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