Don't let the site of a Silver Streak still existing in our area distract you from this good deed done by the El Paso Police Department. Recently on Facebook, The El Paso County Sheriff's Office highlighted deputies and detectives assigned to the Clint Patrol Station for raising funds to help 24-year-old Marisol. Marisol is a young woman who works at the magical Silver Streak that hides inside a Valero in Clint, Texas.

A little birdy, or possible chicken since it is Clint, told the El Paso Country Sheriff's office about Marisol's recent situation. According to the Facebook post, Marisol was walking eight miles to work due to her bike breaking. The good people of the EPCSO couldn't let Marisol continue to walk to work, so the deputies and detectives raised funds between each other to purchase a brand new bike, which they surprised Marisol with.

Once this story was posted on Facebook, the trolls came out to criticize the deputies and detectives for not buying her a motorized bike so she wouldn't have to pedal. Calm down, people. These guys did a good thing and it should be celebrated! I would like to give my thanks to these deputies and detectives of the EPCSO for the good deed! I would also like to shoutout Marisol for being a hardworking woman because not many people would walk eight miles for a job.

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