Don't put away your winter wear just yet. A strong cold front will be making its way through Texas this week and local forecasters are saying this blast of winter weather could result in snow for El Paso.

I know, we’ve heard this one before several times already this season and it has yet to pan out, but by all accounts this front appears to be our best chance yet.

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Although we’ve had to bundle up a few times this winter, we’ve yet to be treated to a snow day.

In fact, it's been a while since there's been any measureable snow in El Paso. The last time, according to the National Weather Service El Paso, was back in February of 2021; a.k.a the Valentine's Day storm.

The good news for those who don’t like snow is that the system has limited moisture to work with so Snowmageddon amounts of snowfall aren’t expected -- at least, not at this point.

Cold Front Arrives Wednesday Evening

The cold front will push its way into the Borderland Wednesday night (2/2/22) and no matter what exactly unfolds regarding precipitation amounts and type, it’s going to be cold.

Count on at least a 20-degree drop in temperatures from one day to the next, and the coldest temperatures of the season on Thursday. Unlike the last cold front that swooped in, this time caldo slurping temps will stick around for several days. Temperatures on Friday and Saturday may not even get out of the 40s.

If It Does Snow, How Much Snow Will El Paso Get?

This is what the National Weather Service El Paso is saying in its Area Forecast Discussion regarding the potential for snow:

“With the limited moisture the system has to work with, snow totals will be light. Still a little early to be talking about snow totals, but we could see a trace to one inch of snow in the lowlands.”

That's not the final word on that subject, though. “These snowfall estimates will change as we get closer to Thursday, so continue to check the latest forecast,” NWSEP warns.

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US National Weather Service El Paso Texas
US National Weather Service El Paso Texas

Valentine's Day Winter Storm 2021 - Listener Submitted Photos

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